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Educational Project
Scuba diving : first steps

The project aims at facilitating the students' approach to the exploration of the underwater world and at increasing their knowledge of the main aspects related to scuba diving activities.
The project is recognised by the Ministry of Education and refers to the Ministerial Circular Sports at School n. 2548/AI of 24th July 1998.
Moreover, this Project follows targets peculiar to other projects of the Ministry of Education, such as Progetto Giovani 2000, Socrates and Comenius Projects, Perseus Projects, whose peculiarity is the enhancement of student personality (self-confidence and good relationship with the others), the improvement of language and cultural knowledge, the development of an environmental awareness.
The Project steps:
1) Presentation of scuba -diving under many aspects - such as a sport activity, a job, a scientific research (archaeology, etc.) The materials used for the presentation in your school are: videotapes, pictures, scuba-diving equipments, various evidences.
2) Indoor Activity (swimming pool): twelve meetings for training in scuba-diving with tanks. This activity is provided at the Polisportivo (Municipal Sports Centre)once a week for all the students involved, having a basic swimming skill, in groups of 10-12 pupils.